• Theatre- Sairandri Ranjitha Suresh was associated with a theatre team called "Pra.ka.sam" in the year 2014 to compose & perform music for the play 'Sairandri'. The play was written by Chandan Shankar and Directed by PD Sathish Chandra, portrayed two shades of the protagonist sairandri in Mahabharat, along with her values & cognitive actions in the present generation. The music in the play involved alaaps in the background, manifesting the emotions. It had the shades of traditional to Western music, intense thaans to soulful hymn to match the contrasting characters. The alaaps were performed live in several shows by Ranjitha, which was appreciated for its innovative thought, technicalities and presentation

    Namma nimmolagobba is another production of team Pra.Ka.Sam. A suspense thriller play was written by Sri.Rajendra Karanth and Directed by Chandan Shankar. Music was composed and recorded by Ranjitha in order to give an enthralling experience to the audience. Do check the song below.

  • Bhava navanaveena- This project was also curated by team Pra.ka.sam as a tribute to the poet, Rashtrakavi Dr.G.S.Shivarudrappa. Bhava-navaveena is a phrase taken from one of his poems which means the emotions are eternal. This was a dance ballet for which Ranjitha Suresh composed tunes for a bunch of poems of the great poet. Composing for a dance ballet has certain requisites such as rhythm, subtle emotions and Expressive. The songs were recorded And played in the background for the dance ballet. A houseful show acknowledged respect for the poet and the success of the efforts put in.

  • Swaraaga- Swaraaga is a brain child of team Pra.Ka.Sam focusing on music by itself. Ranjitha Suresh initiated this project to commence in the year 2014 and paved way for many talents to perform in their monthly concerts which was conducted at the amphitheatre of Auditorium KH Kalasouda, Bangalore. Swaraaga was designed to have a monthly theme, based on which the performances were planned. The talents of swaraaga have turned professional musicians today, performing at prestigious platforms.

  • Ranjitha has conducted workshops on Hindustani classical music to a number of students. The workshops are made informative & interesting by adapting various techniques and voice exercises. Workshops were contected based on various topics which includes basics of classical music, techniques of voice culture, raag elaboration, presentation, traditional and folk compositions of North India, introduction to gharanas, music meditation, music therapy, light classical music and so on. The idea behind the workshops is to promote Indian classical music and motivate youngsters to learn music in its purest form.