Music is said to be the purest form of art which creates a blissful experience when the pitch is perfect. The sound that emerges from an instrument or voice has a captivating impact irrespective of the words. Hindustani classical music is certainly not just about learning songs/composition, the focus is on learning a raag as a whole. Every raag we sing or listen, creates an impact on our mind and body. A Guru initiates the journey of manifestation of a student, by sharing his knowledge of different raags and technicalities in the ancient guru shishya parampara.

One needs to have interest to learn music, irrespective of their age. Finding the right guru enhances the value of learning. A child not only becomes wiser when he/she starts learning music but also gains confidence, discipline, positive approach towards life, improves concentration and decision making ability.

Ranjitha Suresh says, "Teaching classical music has been a very enriching experience to me. It makes our knowledge comprahend. It is important to understand each student's calibre while teaching and make the class interesting and motivating. I feel blessed to share the treasure of Indian classical music to the coming generations."


  • Prarthana Sharma, Music Student, Melbourne

    Learning Hindustani Music from my guru, Ranjitha, is wonderfully rewarding and refreshing. The way my guru delivers her lessons is almost in a poetic form, in which she incorporates explanations of each Raag, mood of the raag, placement of swaras, and all the technicalities combined. She teaches me techniques to strengthen my voice, develop different ways of singing and never fails to encourage me in exploring my own voice. Every lesson is melodious, calming, enriching and informative, with challenges, new lessons and exercises. I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to be under the guidance and teaching of Ranjitha, who always uplifts me as an individual and has given me great exposure to the beautiful world of Hindustani Music.

  • Manish & Ekta Natwani, Parents' of music student, Melbourne

    Our respect and admiration for Ranjitha Suresh as music teacher for our children cannot be expressed in words. Ranjitha has been a great teacher with her vast knowledge of Hindustani Classical music. She has been absolutely wonderful, with a calm manner, supportive teaching style and has developed a fantastic rapport with our children. Both our children have improved a lot in their singing and they always look forward to their next music lesson. Ranjitha is soft spoken and humble person who loves music which reflects on her passion to teach others. We thank Ranjitha immensely for being a positive influence and moral guidance to our children. We wish Ranjitha all the very best for everything.

  • Bhakti Pande, Music Student, Melbourne

    Choosing the right teacher was vital to my improvement in Hindustani classical music. Ranjitha Ji is helpful, kind and most importantly, very patient. She has an encouraging attitude and always finds ways to make class fun. Her passion for classical music is contagious. With her guidance, I have been able to understand the nuances and emotions of various raags. I look forward to our lessons each week!

  • Vasundhara, Psychologist, Melbourne

    Ranjitha Ji’s approach has taught me so much about bringing humility, respect, and patience to the learning space.
    Her understanding of classical music is both deep and broad. Alongside helping me to tap into music immersion, she always encourages to bring out and integrate my artistic side to explore the subtleties and nuances of musical expression.
    I always look forward to our weekly lessons. Ranjitha Ji has instilled in me a lifelong love and joy for this great art form.